QGroup is a cross border innovation agency offering entrepreneurial, education and innovations programs for Corporates, Startups and Entrepreneurs.


Our programs are uniquely designed. QGroup creates unusual programs with unique concepts.We also offer extensive executive training for founders and CEOs, innovation teams and future leaders.

Our mission is to expand the innovation community worldwide.

QGroup creates unusual programs with unique content and concepts so that innovators can get together and learn from each other.

QGroup provides platforms to connect innovators and brings world class programs to your city.

Each year, we host three major events:

Global Chief Innovation Officer Summit
Strategy 4.0 Forum
In addition to 3 main events, we educate the next-generation of entrepreneurs and host many different programs including hackathons, boot camps, workshops, and masterclasses around the globe.

Global Chief Innovation Summit

Each fall, we host innovation leaders from around the world at this unmissable event in Istanbul.
Global speakers and iconic figures cover innovation from A to Z, discussing the latest trends, introducing new concepts, and sharing invaluable tools.
We are happy to be a part of growing innovation ecosystem of the country.
The GCIOS attracts more Global Thought Leaders than any other conference in Turkey.

Don’t Miss It!

Design Lab

Game Lab

 Demo Lab

Start-up Lab

Are you bored of forgettable lectures and uninspired PowerPoints? Are you tired of the same, 10,000-foot success stories with vague action items? Would you prefer that the experts include you, and show you specifically how to achieve innovation success?

We think the same way.

Join our Innovatours, and you’ll participate in over 15 interactive, creative, and experimental labs during an intensive, unforgettable day. Rather than hundreds of feet back taking vague notes, you’ll be eye-to-eye with some of the world’s leading innovative minds as they help you grow.

Follow our route, we will be in your town soon!


Strategy 4.0 Forum

The future is here!

Conventional planning is dead. Unconventional approaches, new mindsets, and unusual tools and methods will define the survivors of the next generation of business.

As a business leader, your strategy must include innovation.

QGroup does not discuss past and present; we think four steps ahead, anticipating the future and formulating next-gen strategies with our partners.

We work with global influencers, thinkers, strategists, and experts from all industries to set the future of business.

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